Nutrition Support For Employees & Teams

A personalised nutrition service, covering 65 health conditions from cholesterol to menopause, that provides members with health talks, consultations, blood tests, podcasts and articles to improve their diet and health.

What is Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional therapy is a whole-body approach that addresses the underlying causes of health issues through personalised nutrition.
Nutritional Therapy Helps With:
  • Low energy & fatigue
  • Weight management
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Frequent colds & flu
  • IBS/digestive disorders
  • Mental health issues
  • Menopause & PMS symptoms

The Impact of Nutrition in the Workplace

Proper nutrition has a profound impact on the productivity of an organization. Ignoring a healthy diet will impact employee productivity, absenteeism, recruitment and retention.
IBS/Digestive Issues
£3 Billion
With 20% of the UK population living with IBS, it is estimated that Britain’s businesses lose £3 billion every year through IBS related sick days.
1 in 17
1 in 17 people in the UK are living with diabetes, of which 37% have reported work-related problems as a result of the disease.
Mental Health
£29 Billion
Presenteeism as a result of mental ill health costs UK businesses £29 Billion each year.
Cold & Flu
The number of workdays lost in the UK in a single week through employees missing work due to cough, cold or flu.
14 Million
There is an average of 24 hours lost productivity in the UK per employee per year, accounting for 14 million lost workdays.
£40 Billion
71% of people in the UK don’t get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep per night, costing the UK £40 billion in lost productivity.
"2/3 of all disease is directly attributed to diet and lifestyle. Yet, nutrition support is often missing from employee wellness packages."
World Health Organization

Our Solution

Our wellness platform supported by our team of world-leading nutritional therapists provides a nutrition service that is comprehensive and personalised for each member.
Ask the Expert
Personalised online support from our nutrition professionals.
Health Talks
Lunchtime webinars for employees on popular health topics with live Q&A.
Nutrition Library
Articles about nutrition, diet and health that are researched and science-backed.
Health Checks
Bespoke health checks to address deficiencies and allergies.
Nutrition Consultations
1-1 video consultations with a nutritional therapist for personalised advice.
Supplements Directory
The world's largest directory to help find and compare the right supplement.

Our Nutritionists

Accredited Nutritionists standing by to help you
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Personalised Nutrition Support

  • 30+ specialist areas
  • 10+ years of clinical practice (avg)
  • Qualified to degree level equivalent
  • Registered with the CNHC
  • Professionally insured

Attend A Nutrition Talk

Learn more about nutrition and the workplace. Register to attend for free.

Our Package

Nutrition Health Talks
Talks to help with sleep, menopause, blood sugar, etc…
Chat With A Nutritionist
Real-time live chat with one of our nutritionists.
Nutrition Library
Reference guides and 100’s of researched articles.
Nutrition Consultations*
1-1 video consultations with a nutritionist.
* Additional charges apply
Health Checks*
Wide selection of health checks with a private consultation.
* Additional charges apply
Supplement Directory
Largest supplement directory with search tools.

Your Annual Savings

IBS & Digestive:
Mental Health:
Colds & Flu:
Sleep & Productivity:
Projected annual saving. Calculated using open government data.